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World History Origins Timeline: A Comprehensive Academic Review

The origins-timeline-of-forex-trading-an-academic-look/” ​title=”History Origins Timeline of Forex‍ Trading:‍ An Academic Look.”>timeline ‌of world history​ has ⁣its ⁣geographical, political, and ​ cultural ⁤ origins in many ⁣places around the globe. Forex,‌ or foreign exchange, is⁤ one⁤ of these origins, a product of centuries of cross-cultural⁤ economic activity. This article will take‍ a ⁣look at⁣ the history of forex and its⁣ as it relates‌ to the timeline of world history. ⁢hall

The timeline of world history dates back millions of years, from the ⁣formation of⁤ the Earth and the emergence of the earliest forms of life. ⁤The most ⁣significant​ dates in world ⁤history ⁢over the⁣ past few thousand years are as⁢ follows:‍

-2000 BCE: ‍Sumerians⁣ invent writing

-1776 ⁤BCE: Code of Hammurabi is established

-753 BCE: Founding​ of Rome

-476 CE: Fall of the Western Roman Empire

-1438 CE: Printing press ⁣invented

-1492 CE: Christopher Columbus discovers America

-1776 CE: Declaration ⁢of Independence

-1789 CE: The French Revolution

-1804 CE: Napoleon Bonaparte‌ crowned Emperor

-1865 CE:⁢ American Civil War ends

-1914 CE: World ⁣War​ I ‍begins

-1939 ​CE: World War II begins

-1945 ‍CE: End of World ⁢War II

-1989 CE: Berlin⁤ Wall ⁤falls

-2001 CE: 9/11⁣ attacks‌

-2008 CE: Financial‌ Crisis of 2008

-2020 ⁤CE: COVID-19 pandemic