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global economics

Global economics is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the intersection of international, national, and local economic policies and their implications for global development. It looks at world markets, including global trade, investment and finance, labor, technology, and natural resources, as well as the diverse economic and political systems that impact these markets. Global economics is essential to developing a firm understanding of global events and their impacts on the world economy. It has become increasingly important in today’s interconnected global marketplace, as companies seek to understand the implications of global trends and events on their operations.

Nature and Environment

Origins of History Preservation: A Study of Forex Trading


The history of preservation is intimately entwined with that of mankind. As soon as people started to form societies, records were kept in order to document events, keep track of events, and to learn from the past. Oral histories were a large part of preserving this history, but written records such as stone inscriptions, carvings, and art served as a historical record. As technology advanced, so too did the methods of preservation from written records to photograph and film. With the advent of digital technology, our ability to preserve not only the facts and figures, but also the feelings that accompany the history of the past has improved immensely. Preservation of our history is paramount to understanding our past, present, and future.

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