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Ocean Health

Ocean health is a vitally important topic that affects us all. From fishing and shipping to recreation and tourism, understanding how human activity impacts on ocean health is key to improving the long-term health and sustainability of our planet’s precious marine environment. Our research team at XXXXX is dedicated to understanding human-caused pressures on our ocean’s health, and exploring how best to manage them. We provide our customers with evidence-based information, data analysis and policy advice on how to protect and sustain ocean biodiversity and fisheries for the benefit of all. Through our work, we hope to help ensure that our oceans will flourish, providing humanity with ecosystem services and prosperity for generations to come.

Science and Technology

Sustainable Fisheries: Forex Trading for a Positive Impact


Sustainable fisheries help balance the needs of the fishing industry, preserving the health of marine and estuarine ecosystems, and maintaining a viable seafood supply. Fishing techniques such as size limits, closed seasons and catch quotas are integral methods of preserving both fish stocks and their habitat, while practices such as selective fishing, bycatch reduction and catch monitoring are essential in using resources responsibly and preserving the future of the fishing industry. Through careful management, sustainable fisheries can help ensure the biological, economic and social sustainability of fishing communities.

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