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International Relations

International Relations is an increasingly important field that helps nations manage conflicts and build strong relationships with other countries. It is the study of relations and interactions between different nations, and how those interactions affect people, politics, and global economics. World leaders and policy makers use international relations to solve conflicts and create stability throughout the world. It examines how countries communicate, cooperate and disagree with one another in the international system. International Relations also covers topics such as global politics, international security, economic development, and public policy. With an understanding of international relations, nations can foster relationships that promote peace, create economic stability, and encourage the sharing of resources and knowledge.

Science and Technology

Endangered Species: Why Forex Trading Matters


Endangered species are plants and animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. They are at risk due to loss of habitat, over-hunting, disease, and introduction of foreign species. The numbers of endangered species are increasing at an alarming rate due to the growing human population and its impact on the environment. Conservation efforts must be implemented to save these species before it is too late. It is critical to protect endangered species in order to preserve Earth’s biodiversity. The world’s most endangered species are the tiger, elephant, giant panda, and blue whale. Without action, these iconic species may be gone forever.

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