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Financial History

Financial History is the study of economic and monetary activities of nations, companies, and individuals through time. It surveys important political, economic, and social events shaping money and banking, including the interaction between governments, financial markets, and institutions. It examines the history of taxation, borrowing, and investment, as well as the development of modern banking instruments and services in a global context. Through financial history, we gain a better understanding of how our financial and economic systems influence our lives.

Nature and Environment

Origins of Historical Events in Forex Trading: An Academic Overview

The origins of the historical event known as the French Revolution have been up for debate since its occurrence in 1789. The causes of the revolution are incredibly complex, however, many have pointed to the unfair taxation system of the French monarchy as a major contributing factor. The monarchy had taxed the citizens of France heavily while still maintaining a luxurious lifestyle for themselves. Furthermore, France had an inefficient government which caused a major economic crisis. This caused the peasantry of the population to revolt against the monarchy’s injustices and sparked a revolution that would last for years.

From the violence of the storming of the Bastille to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the French Revolution still serves as an inspiring example of revolution and change.

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