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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important tool for ensuring sustainable development that takes into account environmental, economic, and social impacts. An EIA assesses potential environmental, social, and economic impacts of proposed projects, and provides recommendations on how to avoid, reduce, or mitigate them. EIA helps ensure development does no irreversible harm to ecosystems, people, and economies. Widely adopted by governments and major industries, its focus on transparent decision-making has enabled stakeholders to play a critical role in environmental protection.

Science and Technology

Environmental impact assessment in Forex Trading


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process used to identify, assess, and manage the potential environmental impacts and risks associated with proposed projects or activities. EIA is typically conducted prior to the commencement of a project to ensure that potential impacts are identified and managed early. It involves the analysis of specific environmental issues, including land, air, water, and biodiversity. During the EIA process, detailed information about the project’s potential environmental impacts is collected, evaluated, and used to inform decision-making and project design. The aim of the process is to minimize or mitigate potential negative effects and ensure the responsible management of environmental resources.

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