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Economic Benefit

Economic benefit is a broad concept that is defined as a cost or gain associated with production, consumption or investment. It can be financial or non-financial, and it measures the effect of an activity undertaken on an economy. Economic benefits might include increased incomes, increased employment, cost savings, higher quality products and services, and environmental or social benefits. Understanding the economic benefits of an activity or investment helps individuals and businesses make better decisions, resulting in improved productivity and wellbeing.

Science and Technology

Sustainable Fisheries: Forex Trading for a Positive Impact


Sustainable fisheries help balance the needs of the fishing industry, preserving the health of marine and estuarine ecosystems, and maintaining a viable seafood supply. Fishing techniques such as size limits, closed seasons and catch quotas are integral methods of preserving both fish stocks and their habitat, while practices such as selective fishing, bycatch reduction and catch monitoring are essential in using resources responsibly and preserving the future of the fishing industry. Through careful management, sustainable fisheries can help ensure the biological, economic and social sustainability of fishing communities.

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