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Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is the buying and selling of raw materials, products and resources that are used for everyday consumption. From oil to maize, coffee to cocoa, commodity trading is the exchange of essential items in global markets. With a variety of trading instruments and strategies to choose from, commodity trading offers the opportunity to speculate on the price of hard assets, helping to create the perfect portfolio. Explore the benefits today and gain access to a world of lucrative opportunities.

Science and Technology

Natural Resources in Forex Trading: A Guide


Natural resources are materials and substances found in nature that people use to fulfil their needs and wants. They include both renewable and non-renewable resources such as soil, water, timber, minerals and fossils. Natural resources are essential for survival and are typically divided into two categories – renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources, such as water, can be replenished faster than they are consumed. However, non- renewable resources, such as minerals, take millions of years to form and once they are gone, they are gone forever. Humans have been using natural resources since the beginning of time and it is essential that we carefully use them in order to make sure they are available for future generations.

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